Net RO News Board

Major Patch Release - 10142016 Changelog 14/10/2016
Major Patch Release - 10072016 Changelog 7/10/2016
NetRO presents Week 1 PVP Tournament. Check it out! 2/10/2016
Cash Points Promotion is over. Wait until next time! 2/10/2016
Welcome our new sub gm! "KevVv" - event hosting, customer support. 1/10/2016
Major Patch Release - 09302016 Changelog 30/9/2016
Server is now opened! Grand opening! 25/9/2016
Gepard Shield anti-cheat system is implemeted! 24/9/2016
We are working very hard to fix remaining bugs. Check it out! 20/9/2016
Net-RO Beta is now released and online! Report errors on forum! 16/9/2016
Visit our download page! You can now download our clients and get ready for BETA. 14/9/2016
Beta date is confirmed 9/16/2016 at 9PM EDT. 02/9/2016
Released forum and information page. 28/8/2016
Implemented Alpha 1.0 Mining, Fishing, and Woodcutting. 25/8/2016
We are building! 14/8/2016
NetRo is coming soon! 10/8/2016